Ko'onichiwa! :D

The Pics:
captioned pics
thursday - we arrive!
friday - panels panels panels and cosplayers!
saturday - more panels and masquerade!
sunday - we leave... :(

5XL T-shirt [$15]
AX2001 T-shirt with Akihito Yamashita art (white) [$15]
Evangelion, Groundwork of Eva Art Book [$30]
Initial D: Second Stage, Super Eurobeat Non-stop Selection (taiwan copy) [$10]
Initial D, Super Eurobeat Selection 2 (taiwan copy) [$10]
Martian Successor Nadesico, Soundtrack Special [$31]
Serial Experiments Lain, Cyberia Mix (taiwan copy) [$10]
Total: $131 [~393 packs of ramen!]

5XL: Jpop CD with T-shirt purchase
ADV: Robotech poster
AX: AX Anime Reference Guide
Central Park Media: The Anime Zone 1.1 CD
HLJ: Humpbacked plush toy
Mechanised Propulsion Systems: T-shirt
Pioneer: 08th MS Team dogtag
Pioneer: AMG photo
Tokyopop: Ayumi poster with Nadeisco CD purchase
Urban Vision: Vampire Hunter D keychain
Wanpaku: Tissue (I don't know why...)

Buy original soundtracks from TokyoPop on last day
Buy artbooks from Casa Manga

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