Yea yea, some of the pics are really crappy cause the Kodak DC3400 has this crappy delay, and sometimes my hand is just shaky. I'm still working on finishing the captioning... that's a lot of pics!

[ Wednesday - 07.04 ]
32 - LAN was trying to help me get a pic of a rainbow we saw in the evening sky, guess that failed miserably, hehe
33 - another vain attempt, look you can see some bugs on the windshield :)
34 - me: a happy camper on his way to anime ecstacy!

[ Thursday - 07.05 ]
35 - where we parked for 4 days; that's LAN in the passenger seat and Mike hiding behind him--taken the morning before registration... excitement!
36 - look, that's Mike getting into the car; mmm, pretty pretty car
37 - waiting in line for the doors to open for registration; Mike hadn't paid yet so he had to wait in the slow line, neener neener neener!
38 - Totoro (on a scooter?) graces us with his presence as we wait in line to get into the Terrace Theater for the opening ceremonies
39 - Max, the AX mascot struts her stuff
40 - that important AX dude who is nameless to me :P
42 - really bad blurry pic of all the Guests of Honor
43 - a better pic of the GoH's! there's Mikimoto (aka the god of anime) on the top left and Kawamoto and Inoue on the top right! AWESOME!
44 - anime dubbing done right before our eyes (err, ears) even though most of us didn't understand any of it without subtitles, hehe
45 - at the Mikimoto panel, I didn't realize these were the URAN girls until later
47 - the god himself! And look, that's Egan Loo grinning like a beast on the right there
48 - Mikimoto with URAN girl, but what's up with those teeth?
49 - with both URAN girls
50 - Inoue (aka Belldandy) and that cool translater dude
51 - Inoue, surprised that there are so many people in the US that know who she is
52 - Inoue smiling to the crowd (with big head in the way, poo!)
54 - Leni, Sakura, Maria (thanks LAN!)
55 - ?? and Meryl (esca) in the Dealer's Room
56 - me, Vash, Wolfwood; check out those $120 shades Vash has, shiaat!
57 - 2 URAN in sailor outfits looking pretty in the Hyatt lounge
58 - same 2 URAN, vertical
59 - pic in lobby with Inoue! We caught her coming out of the elevator of the Hyatt, and I couldn't miss my chance to get a pic with her! :D
60 - she has no bra under there!
61 - Japanese Cosplayers panel, URAN; the sailor on the left looks a big puzzled, hehe, and check out the size of that wig!
62 - URAN with cosplayers
63 - more URAN with cosplayers
64 - me with the URAN Mononoke ^_^

[ Friday - 07.06 ]
65 - LAN's muggin' while we wait in line for tickets to the Music Video Contest
66 - and while in line, we came across... Usada (keke!), Dijiko, and Puchiko! -nyo~
67 - Vash #2 with Belldandy
68 - in Dealer's Room with a babe! :D
69 - Seshomaru, Miroku, Inu Yasha, Shippo, Kagome (thanks LAN!)
70 - while waiting in line for my Inoue autograph, I ran into Ruri-chan!
71 - Vash #3, my favorite! Looks so much like the cutesy version of Vash.
72 - Washu-sama, complete with complementing mini-Washus... "you're the greatest Washu!"... and look, I think those people back there were waiting in line for the Watase panel!
73 - while taking a break from all the excitement to eat a subway sandwich, this dude (supposedly from Digimon) walked by, and I just HAD to be a pic of his moveable wings. A little pull, and *vroomp* they pop out and you've got instant wings! Tre-cool!
74 - more cosplayers whom I don't know; however, the one in black was the *gasp* hostess for the Masquerade!
75 - 3 cute gurlies that would later play in the Masquerade; I hope they weren't harassed by all the pedophiles wandering around!
76 - LAN in front of the Pioneer booth with a view of one side of the Dealer's Room as they commence to kick people out (thus explaining why it's so empty!)
77 - check out those ears, and that giant ball at the end of her staff, sugoi!
79 - the Andy's just having too much fun, hehe
80 - a bit cleaner pic
81 - and another move :P
82 - and a big Fatal Fury brawl!
83 - ?? and Chun Li... *whistles*
84 - ?? ?? and ??
85 - ?? and Chun Li again
86 - ?? ?? and ??, ooh, pretty flames
87 - so, first it started off as a simple picture with 3 cute girls...
88 - then, two more decided to join in, including miss bra-less ;P ...
89 - then one Chun Li disappeared and someone else showed up...
90 - and then Chun Li returned...
91 - and then there were even more!...
93 - and then there was some guitar-smashing action...
95 - so then the guys decided to get in on some action for themselves...
96 - and then more showed up...
97 - and then they were all one! (a little bit unprepared, however)...
98 - and finally them all in full with gestures.
99 - there are just hot babes everywhere at AX! :)
100 - and they like to pose for you, hehe.
101 - Japanese Fandom panel with URAN, how many costumes do they have in their closet??!
102 - waiting in line for the Music Video Contest, you can still catch some babes :P

[ Saturday - 07.07 ]
103 - at AX, people jsut love waiting in lines, look at all these people waiting for tickets to the Masquerade!
104 - even LAN there is getting into the line-waiting spirit by listening in on the AX staff channel... and LOOK! is that the Ruri-chan we got a picture with on Friday?? hmm!
105 - me, ??, and a red Chun Li; harassing cosplayers for sheer enjoyment :)
106 - darned digital camera with slow "shutter speed"
107 - it's the Love Hina panel with director Yoshiaki Iwasaki and character designer Makoto Uno; they even brought some rare Hina cels with them! Unfortunately, my hand was all shaky that morning or something :(
108 - another crappy blur of the Hina panel; is Iwasaki smiling because Uno is admitting that he's really a pervert?
109 - bah, all the sleep-deprivation must've gotten to me, couldn't even get a decent shot of this :(
110 - cosplayers hanging out between the convention center and the Hyatt, who are they?
111 - I could swear I've seen Naru from Hina wear that dress before, hmm!
112 - the Utena crew strutin' their stuff
113 - another pic with less light, poo!
114 - Nabeshin from Excel Saga! Muhaha, I couldn't believe someone dressed up as him, he's so cool! And I even saw a second one wandering around too! keke!
115 - Giant Robo's Genya and Tetsugyu!
116 - Genya's flame lights up, but only for a split second (and I'm too slow).
117 - realizing that Genya never really fights and instead calls his henchmen in, he seems a bit silly when posing an attack stance