I just got back from watching the movie _Ghost World_, and I couldn't help
but to write something about it. After a few moments of contemplation after
leaving the theater, I have deemed the film the title: The "Cather in the
Rye" of film.

It starts out rather slowly, and at first I got the impression the film was
going to be rather dry. But as the story progresses, I became more and more
interested in the main character, Enid. She is trapped in a dull world
inhabited by hollow people seeking other hollow people to accompany them in
their boring lives.

She's graduated from high school. And now what? Everything changes. It's
the tragic fate of us all, no? The styles, the music, the customs... the
absolute instability of the things we hold on to. And we don't know--we
don't know we need them until they're all gone, and you're left all alone,
holding on to memories--holding on to ghosts. Everyone looks at you then,
in wonder, and pity you. You're a weirdo to them, waiting for the past to
come back around to pick you up at the bus stop labelled "no longer in


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