May 02, 2006

money matters

To start off my money meanderings, I was with the other geek-boys from work at Costco earlier today, perusing the magazines, and it seems as though I've got the best job in America. Wow.

So, I had a bunch saved up in an IRA for a while, soaking up dividends from the money market, and I finally decided to put the money to work last month.

In my (Traditional) IRA:
Vanguard Target Retirement 2045 (VTIVX)

Starting last week, I've begun making contributions to my Roth 401(k). 20% of my post-tax paycheck goes in there, and I'm even considering bumping it up more (without starving myself!).

Currently in my Roth 401(k), I'm holding the following:
American Funds EuroPacific R3 (RERCX) -- Europe, Asia (some overlap w/ DEMAX)
Delaware Emerging Markets (DEMAX) -- Brazil, Korea, China
Seligman Commns & Info (SCIRX) -- tech, media, communications

I'm a pretty lazy investor, and although I like to look at the numbers go up and down, I'm not very interested in looking at the nitty gritty details of keeping up with things. The Vanguard fund lets me be lazy, and the others let me be a thrill-seeker without going too wild and crazy.

This is still very new to me, and I'm learning more each day. Note that this is only my retirement portfolio; I'm planning on building a short-term, live-fast-die-young portfolio.


When I'm rich and famous, I'll buy a yacht or something.

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