April 19, 2006

non-april fools updates

OK, some many people didn't actually get that my last post was an April 1st post.

Here are some real updates:

Now that I'm an official member of the gaming industry, I get perks like... being able to go to E3. That's right, kids, I'm registered, and other Chocoholics and I are planning our LA raid for next month.  (Hi, Thierry!)

Did some goofy sight-seeing around San Francisco last weekend.


Keeping up with the A's. Went to the A's/Giant's game at Pacbell (AT&T?) with Trip Hawkins' very own season tickets! This Saturday: A's/Angels game at the Coliseum with Janet! Yay!

I can't help thinking about money lately. It's like playing an MMORPG: you have a character that goes around levelling-up and getting more and more gold to buy stuff. Except, instead of having a fake character in a virtual world, I'm doing it in the real one. 401(k), IRA, Rotherino, REITs, stock options, and the list goes on. Checking my portfolio and doing accounting is kind of fun.

StarCraft is still the shit.

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