February 23, 2006

what japantown?

I keep getting pointed to information about saving San Francisco's Japantown.

My thoughts, as usual.

Kintesu of America is selling their own property in Japantown.
AMC/Lowes Theatre is selling their own property in Japantown.
Selling of their property will hurt the Japantown community(?).

What Japantown community?

If there really was one then there wouldn't be this problem; instead, corporations are keeping together a false sense of community that no longer exists. That is, the "community" needs these corporations there to continue "thriving."

We are too obsessed with preserving heritage because of our own insecurities and fears of being forgotten. Let go, move on, and appreciate what there was before.

I say: stop with the fake grassroots, and if you really want to support a real Japanese community, give some support to the real thriving one in San Mateo.

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