January 28, 2006

assessing google china

Alright, so everybody and their dog has heard about the whole Google China debacle by now. Let's get our heads out of our asses and ask an interesting question:

Question: Is censorship always evil?
Thought: One thing I learned while living in Japan is that not all peoples value "truth and honesty" in as much high regard as Americans do--sometimes it's better just to shut the hell up.

Can you tell that I have an opinion about this? :)

Doc pointed to Joho's thoughts on this.

I thought I'd have some fun. I went to Google China and searched for [cultural revolution]. Scrolling down to the bottom of the page, we see this:


Babelfish translates this to:
According to the legal law and the policy, the partial searches fruit does not show.

Fruity pebbles.

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