November 03, 2005

a more perfect nation

Judah and I discussed recently about one of the problems with America: We want every goddamned thing to be perfect.

That is, if we hear in the news that some kid died from riding his bicycle, we suddenly place a ban on bicycles for fear that it'll kill more kids? Can't we accept that mistakes happen in the world, and that, yes, people are in fact die-able?

Is this what was meant by "a more perfect nation?"

Danah Boyd, whose ideas don't cease to keep gears greased in my mind, writes about the fucked-uppedness of youth protectionism in America because of our culture of fear:

Post-Columbine, we decided to regulate the symptoms of alienation rather than solve the problem. Today, we are trying to regulate youth efforts to have agency and public space. Both are products of a culture of fear and completely miss the point. We need to figure out how to support youth culture, exploration and efforts to make sense of the social world.

She even mentions Katz's Voices from the Hellmouth, a title I haven't heard in a long long time and brings back old long lost feelings.

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