October 26, 2005


I'm back. With a vengeance.

I got a new job. I'm a Game Engineer at Digital Chocolate.

I got a new cell phone: the Panasonic X800.

DayTse is going fantastic, and the systems I've been setting up to keep the thing running smoothly have started to take hold.

I'm searching for a studio apartment in SF to house me for this coming December.

I've recently come upon a field of study called Captology that embodies much of what I've been wanting to do/study for the past two or three years. I want to use Captology to develop new techniques for second language acquisition (starting with Japanese, of course!).

I ride my bike and take the train to work every day, and it's giving me loads of energy.

I'm reading more, especially Science Fiction novels, including Asimov's Foundation series.

And I just keep on dancin'.

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