May 06, 2004

kirin tea bird racing
I discovered these little flaps on recent Kirin tea bottles; underneath is a website and a number. "Well, well! Time for a little lottery, I guess!" I thunk to me-self, typing in the address into my browser. I'm still rather juvenile (or babyish?) with my Japanese reading ability, but was able to manage to register myself on the site without too much trouble. Then, I plugged in the two numbers for a chance to win a cute bird doll; I guess I could win a full-sized bird suit too, just like the cute but ridiculously looking girl on the website. Anyways, I tried that out and... there was a little race with birds... and my bird lost. Drat!

oh shit that bird suit rocks, lol

i wonder if you wore it on your planeride back, would the security/flight attendants tell you to take it off?

#189 - Posted by: estella at May 7, 2004 08:59 AM
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