May 04, 2004

os x software gallery

Jacob Scott recently got a new 12" PowerBook. In an effort to spread the word about cool programs, here's my list of proggies:

Show pretty album cover art pulled from Amazon. Freeware.
I'm still very much a UNIX boy, and I want my virtual desktops, dammit! This kind of does the job, but I still don't get everything I want, especially that I have to settle for an older version (v0.3.4) since versions after that are only for Panther (boo!). GPL.
Because Mozilla is too big/slow, Safari isn't tabbed, and IE is just taboo. Mozilla Public License.
Adds GPG right into Mail.app and makes it quick and easy to decrypt/encrypt mail. Open Source License.
iPhoto Buddy
This may be obsolete with iPhoto v4; I use this mainly because of the incredible slowness of iPhoto after my library started getting past 1,500 photos. I may get iLife just to get rid of this nag. Freeware.
Connects you and your music to a network and database that'll suggest music similar to your tastes. Tracks your musical tastes on their website; including your currently playing song. GPL.
Kick-ass terminal with tabs and transparency. GPL.
So I can find free WiFi hotspots. Occasionally causes badness with the Airport driver and makes me have to reboot to get the Airport working again, however. Built-in WEP cracking tools. I wish I had a GPS to take full advantage of the mapping tools. GPL.
MPlayer OS X
I chose this over VLC because VLC didn't seem to work very well the last time I used it (v0.6). It may be better now, so I'll check on it. MPlayer is very very very good, though; I used it in Linux, and was very happy to find a port for OS X. Also, it's been able to play pretty much everything I've thrown at it with the exception of some funky Windows Media files. GPL.
NetNewsWire Lite
RSS Aggregator/Reader; I like to read parts of an article before committing to downloading/reading the whole thing. Seeing the just the headline is not enough, and this lets me see feeds that have at least some body to them. Freeware.
My favorite P2P client. Freeware.
Extra functionality on the Trackpad, such as scrolling on the edges. Freeware.
Mess around with more OS X settings. Freeware.
To run those non-native OS X applications, such as GIMP. XFree86 License.

Also, I'd recommend checking out Apple's Developer Tools if you're a coder; I've played around with it, and it really is easy (and fun!) to whip things up--moreover, it's free (as in beer)!

Suggestions are more than welcome!

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