April 20, 2004

more irda os x fun

I haven't re-put up my original post on how to sync the Palm Vx with an iBook from my old scribbles archives yet [UPDATE: nevermind, the original post is up now]; I'm getting there slowly but surely. Anyhow, I've wanted to use jpilot in place for Palm Desktop; I find the interface much fresher and the category organization completely natural--and similiar to the interface on Palm OS itself. Why Palm doesn't mimic the category display on Palm Desktop escapes me.

Also, jpilot has a plugin for KeyRing, which helps me organize passwords.

Anyhow, I was skeptical about getting it working under OS X, considering I've got a peculiar setup with the IrDA. I found jpilot in fink's unstable tree, so that was pretty straightforward. The next part was trying to figure out where jpilot was going to find the PDA.

Snooping around /dev while the IrDA was plugged in, I found:


"Well, that seems completely simple," I thought, and it was. I just made a symlink to /dev/pilot with the following command:

ln -s /dev/tty.IrDA-IrCOMM191 /dev/pilot

and voila! I can now sync jpilot with my Vx! Just press "Sync" on jpilot, run HotSync on the Vx, and things go smooth as a newborn baby's behind.

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