April 27, 2005

hit stuff with sticks

Emy, fellow classmate from SFSU (she's the one on the second from the right kind of drumming non-chalantly) was performing with her brotha's and sista's from the San Francisco Taiko Dojo last weekend at the peace plaza in the Cherry Blossom Festival here in SF. They also performed in their Taiko Festival that day, which I couldn't attend since I was at the crazy madness at Jerry's.

I love Taiko, though, and Emy described it once to me how it's a very spiritual experience for her. I believe it. From the dojo's website:
According to Grand Master Tanaka, physical strength and stamina are critical, and his students are put through a disciplined and strict physical regimen, in addition to hours of pounding on drums. Yet, he also stresses that it takes more than physical strength to make the drums thunder. "Big muscles can produce a big sound," he said, "But the quality of the sound comes from inside—a flow from the performer to the drum, or Ki. To Grand Master Tanaka, the ultimate challenge is reaching the point of unity of drummer"s spirit with the drum.
Very cool awesome indeed.

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