April 27, 2005

srpersist makefile for osx
Since I know there are so many of you Scheme programmers out there, I've provided a Makefile for OSX for the SrPersist Scheme bindings for ODBC.

So, if you've been trying to compile SrPersist (oh, I know you've wanted to, you sly dog you), then now you can do it without fidgetting too much. Here's how:
  1. Download my sexy Makefile.OSX.
  2. Copy the file to where the source for SrPersist is installed. Mine is in: /Applications/PLT Scheme v209/src/srpersist
  3. Backup the old Makefile, if you'd like.
  4. Do this: mv Makefile.OSX Makefile
  5. Then this: make
  6. Then this: make install
  7. Use your sexy new bindings (I haven't figured this out part yet myself)
Hope that helps.

I want to use mysqlclient.ss instead, that is, if I can figure out what a c-pointer is.

On a side note, Danny Yoo of SPC lore is still alive, and he's posted on the PLT Scheme Mailing List. Good lord.

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