April 10, 2005

i have come to bring the sword!
My roommate is a fan of a director named Luis Buñuel. La Voie lactée (The Milky Way) was rented tonight, and I half-watched along the way. A few noteworthy scenes:

1. A group of cute elementary school girls reciting different ways to get condemned. 2. A man, audience to the cute elementary school girls reciting different ways to get condemned imaging the pope being assasinated (excuse the bad timing!). 3. A religious group in the forest, with the head preacher saying "the soul is the more pure; the body is the most filthy. the soul was created by God; the body was created by the devil. we must desecrate the body to make the soul more pure" and they then proceed to have an orgy. 4. The last scene has Jesus saying "I have not come to bring salvation; I have come to bring the sword! Sons, kill your fathers! Son, slay the sword upon your fathers!"

This same director was exiled from Spain and France.

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