October 15, 2004

random word: knight

Horse. Steel clad armor chasing after the princess. She's frightened because he's got bad breath. Medieval cart racing, coupled with knights with goatees and mullets. A knight in China, being wooped by Kung fu masters. Knight Rider. Knights battling little green alien men, deflecting lasers with their shields, and ramming into space ships. Kamikaze knight maneuvers. The aliens are begaffled by the onslaught of Quixotish heroism but just end up destroying the entire planet. But before that, the Knights are able to construct a Medieval Spaceship (think steel version of SpaceShipOne) and shoot their own lasers back at the aliens. Turns out, the aliens are minions of the Dragon Lord and use blazing hot Solar Magma attacks that scorch the Knight Ship. Blasted Dragon Lord.

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