October 13, 2004

random word: apple

Machintosh. Sweet. Red. Worms. Core. Seed. Skin. Crunchy. Hard. Shiny. Sunshine. Fields on a nice summer day. Rolling hills. Upside-down skies. Bees. Dripping juices. Dirty mud. Old beat-up farm trucks. Dirt roads. Annoying dirt in your eyes and nose and mouth and teeth. Japanese with bad teeth. Japanese with bad teeth eating apples. Banana. Orange. Pear impersonators. Or pears are apple wannabes. Fruitologists. Persimmons. Apple tree. Earthquakes. Tsunami waves. Freakin' why am I thinking about Japan again? Short mini-skirts. Apple!!! Apple juice. Caraffe. Denny's.

How do I know when to stop? Hmm...


This is a great idea, but I note with myself, until after Nov 2nd all my words go to ...well you know.

Example: Flying pigs-
Red nosed Karl Rove swings into the darkness, laughin g and swinging as he swoops through the plains. Kansas stick a gun to it's own head and pulls the lever.

#319 - Posted by: Carol at October 14, 2004 12:44 PM
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