October 13, 2004

cars as horses
In a not unrelated tangent, while driving to school today (something that has been becoming more dreadful with each passing day), I imagined each car on the road to be a horse. Imagine an army of horses all galloping along on the freeway. And then when someone cuts you off, you can immediately pull out your rifle to give him a shot or two.

Then, as driving past several residential areas, it was funny seeing all the parked horses next to the sidewalks.

A horse commute would be great: I wouldn't feel like I was stuck in a box on the road all the time.


But but...without "boxy" cars, how would we drift? We would lose that beautiful, beautiful ability to drift around corners...

Besides, pulling a rifle out when someone cuts you off is nothing new to cars. They just use sawed off shotguns these days. I hear that's all the rage in the 'hood...south central, compton, etc...

#318 - Posted by: Andy at October 14, 2004 09:37 AM

I bet horses have way better ability to handle corners than cars do! Of course, there is that slight limitation that horses can't really do much over 1 horsepowers.

Now, seeing that there are a large variety of cars on the road; what if SUV's were oxen? Would that make your little Geo Metro a mule? Or the BMW's unicorns?

You could even blame things on your horse. "Your Honor, it wasn't my fault: my horse, she saw the beautiful mane in front and chased after him--yes yes, I know it was a no-galloping zone--and ah, the exhaust has been a bit runny lately, I've been meaning to fix that, Your Honor."

#320 - Posted by: Ivan Tse at October 15, 2004 12:12 AM

It's too bad that hooking up more horses doesn't equal more horsepower. I'd love to see all the racers pull up with 50 horses with spoilers and wings...

Heh, instead of convertibles, we'd have the normal horses and the hooded horses (for people who don't like to carry umbrellas around)

#321 - Posted by: Andy at October 15, 2004 10:32 AM
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