October 03, 2004

top ten signs that you went study abroad in japan
  1. You've got プリクラ (purikura, small sticker pictures) taken with you and some cute girl stuck on at least one of your electronic devices.
  2. You know what the hell SMAP's "世界に一つだけの花" is! Shit!
  3. You're sorely disappointed that girls around you aren't wearing mini-skirts and high-heeled boots all of the time.
  4. You can actually greet with something other than Konnichiwa to Japanese when you meet them.
  5. You realize that Americans are pretty fuckin' fat.
  6. You've got some sort of cute toy dangling from your cellphone, even if you're a guy--and you're not necessarily gay.
  7. You bow when you say goodbye to people on the phone.
  8. You know that there are vending machines in Love Hotel rooms--and you know what they sell.
  9. You have at least one crazy-assed 飲み放題 (nomihoudai, all you can drink bar) story.
  10. You know that somewhere on that island is at least one of your baby kids!
Brought to you by the demented ヤバいバン himself!


I am not sure what number 1 means but I won't ask ;-)

#305 - Posted by: Carol at October 5, 2004 01:13 PM
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