September 26, 2004

more (hot) air in america?
As usual, King Big Rick's got the heads up and shot word out of Air America finally making its way into the Bay Area. SFGate also has more. It's coming in the area this coming Tuesday on 960AM.

Big Rick put it similarly to how I noted in my earlier post: incessant Republican bashing with no productive dialogue. It's great to have different opinions, and yet it's bowel-boiling to have them shoved down the throat!

It's like listening to someone talk about how she hates broccoli day in and day out. She don't like it raw, she don't like it boiled, and she ain't likin' it with cheese nor peanut butter, and no matter how you slice or dice it she don't like that bush (hawhaw!). Gee golly, we already heard it the first google times she said all of that, now go on to talk about the carrots and apples (mm, and mangoes).

No matter, I'll tune in to it this coming week.


I stream Franken in the morning but it will be nice to have it on radio.

#274 - Posted by: Carol at September 27, 2004 09:00 AM

I just read on their blog that it isn't until Oct 1st now.

#278 - Posted by: Carol at September 27, 2004 03:12 PM
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