September 24, 2004

alls well that ends well
Originally, with plans to go indulge in CalShake's production of Shakespeare's Alls Well That Ends Well--I eventually ended up chatting with Chinatsu from my Astronomy class and had her coming with me.

Well, I thought, this would give her some idea of wine-drinking, smug, intellectual (or wannabe intellectual!) Americans. =)

As for the production itself: absolutely incredible! My English comprehension has withered like sweet raisins, but despite which I fantastically enjoyed myself. James Carpenter played the King, and the scene where he is forcing Bertram to marry Helena had the whole audience at the tip of their seats. His energy and fury could be felt rumbling throughout the evening walls of the theater.

L. Peter Callender was Lafew, in a part that was made for a humorous version of James Earle Jones. I couldn't help but to laugh at every word and giggle that came out of the man's mouth. (He also played in Dr. Doolittle, hehe!) As was the same for Colman Domingo, who played Lavache. Haha, too funny!

Big big thanks to Carol, for the ticket hookups!



Glad you liked it, I love this show. That scene with the King and Bertram is the best, they really let
Carpenter rip!

#273 - Posted by: Carol at September 27, 2004 08:45 AM

That scene was the hi-light of the whole play. Really, I could feel my heart thumping with each spat of spit from the King's tongue; I could genuinely feel the man's (the King's) power! Incredible performance!

#286 - Posted by: Ivan Tse at September 28, 2004 10:47 PM
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