January 14, 2004

oh, the irony
Lesson to learn: don't post when upset.

So, I was a bit peeved when writing up my last post. Carol e-mailed me telling me how he's getting heat for being the frontrunner (I know that, poo! :P) Anyhow, she goes on:
He seems so damned pissed off all the time, I mean with reason but I want more than anger. Anger tends to get things going but not stick, thus I am worried he will lose momentum.
I don't really think he's so upset, I responded:
I actually don't feel that Dean is angry; in fact, I get the opposite feeling from him: cool and collected. I was actually quite surprised when you said that.
I was stumbling around this tangled web some more, and I popped onto Metafilter which pointed me to a recent article by Salon: The Media vs. Howard Dean. It takes a viewing of a Flash ad to read the whole article, but it's worth it.

Maybe I just don't read enough news nowadays from way over here, but I just haven't gotten the whole "angry" Dean feeling (it's been more like the Ivan angry at Japan feeling!)

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