January 12, 2004

give me a break!
OK, so the cat is coming outta the bag: I like Dean. So, what the hell is up with this Dean-bashing madness?

Civil rights activist Al Sharpton forced Dean to acknowledge Sunday that no blacks or Hispanics served in his cabinet during 12 years as governor.

What the fuck is this? Affirmative Action for Cabinet members? First of all, as noted by said article, Dean's state of Vermont's population is 98% white. Second, a Cabinet member uses his mind to do his job--not flashing his skin color around; in other words: it doesn't fucking matter what race his Cabinet members are. By emphasizing that, Sharpton's become the racist bastard.

In a semi-related note, I sometimes get upset at being treated as a foreigner here in Japan. It's not so much of a problem for me, but my white friends get bombarded with people who want to be "friends" with them. In fact, they just want to take a picture of a foreigner (preferably a white guy), tell their friends, and don't give a shit about our personalities. I had an experience where some of my white American friends and I went to a bar and started chatting with a group of Japanese folk. I could tell they were gonna be annoying just cause they laughed a bit too loud and a bit too much. They wanted to take my friends' pictures (oh, but, not one with me cause I'm not white enough!), asked us some general questions (that we've all been asked a thousand times: where are we from, are we students, blah blah), and then the conversation just stopped. Congratulations, we've made yet another shallow friendship in Japan!

It's a conspiracy, I tell you! C-O-N... spiracy!

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