January 10, 2004

have you noticed?
So sue me! I'm too lazy to post in Japanese; I'll do it when I want to dammit!

I rented The Very Best of Elvis Costello. That's right, kids, you can rent CD's here in the world of wide-eyed wonder. Rent. Rip. Mix. Burn.

The photo gallery seems unrecoverable. There's been much discussion about this issue on the forums here on Freeshell; apparently, the Gallery works on some servers here but not. Mayhaps there will be resolution soon--and mayhaps not. I've moved it offsite to where it seems to be working better for now.

Did you see how the site got all funky for a few days? PHP was disabled for a bit. It was havoc! Or rather--people complained too much, and smj (sysadmin here) did a good job at getting things back to normal quickly.

Bush is going to try to pull some JFK-wannabe stuff and shoot us to both the Moon and Mars within a decade. Part of me thinks he's crazy. Another part of me says: "Let's go go go! To infinity and beyond!" I have my suspicions that this has something to do with China's getting into space (remember what I said?) and the recent successful (erg, kind of) landing of the Spirit rover on Mars. Space Race Part Deux!

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