January 08, 2004

why unix is badass
I got out of bed, or rather crawled outta bed, this morning with my usual post-snowboarding muscle aches. My arms, my legs, and my neck. I feel like an old man. Sonny, hand me my cane!

I'm sitting on an express train heading back to Kyoto, listening to Evanescance's Fallen album. If you haven't heard it yet, I recommend you do so without haste. Go, do it now! All of it is good!

Anyhoo, I sit here, and I'm thinking how badass my iBook is (again). This whole MacOS X business just makes me all giddy. Ya see, Apple is damned good at making kick-ass user experiences. Meanwhile, UNIX geeks have been making software with the whole "do one thing and do it well" philosophy, perfecting bits of software one byte at a time. The beauty of it is that these two worlds can meet without conflict. Apple can make kick-ass user interfaces with UNIX-philosophy developed software, reaping the benefits of generations of development; and through it all, the user is the ultimate winner.

You just can't get that with Microsoft. In Microsoft's "include everything together" way of thinking, there's just no room for any of that. It's just not flexible enough for there to be the choice and freedom that the UNIX world offers. It's not a matter of money; it's more a matter of evolution. The old dog, unless it starts to learn some new tricks, isn't gonna have much of a chance down the line.

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