January 07, 2004

toyama travellin'
In a prefecture between Tokyo and Kyoto called Toyama with a pair of aching legs. "For what reason?" does my dear reader ask? Today, in my friend Kawago's hometown, Toyama, I went skiing for the first time in Japan. From the top of the hill, we had a fantastic view of the ocean; that, coupled with the gorgeous weather made for a smashing day on the slopes. Not to mention that there's udon and ramen to eat on the hill other than my usual hot dogs, burgers, and fries.

After that slushing experience, we jollied over to a nearby bath house, complete with an outdoor bath! Oh, be still my beating bruises.

Following that, Kawago's family treated me to Chinese food. Well, not really Chinese food but kinda: Japanese-style Chinese food just ain't the same as mom's home cookin'!

Oh, and I found a WiFi hotspot. I love my iBook! Woohoo!

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