January 02, 2004

happy atarashii year!
Crap! I had a nice and inspirational entry and then there were technical difficulties, causing a rift in the space-time continuum, ultimately making a cat meow and my iBook log off and close all its applications at the same time. Oh, well!

I'm sitting in Seattle's Best, making good use of the WiFi they've got here, drinking a cup-o mint tea.

It's a new year, and despite what most people think of me (that is, I'm non-traditionalist, breaking rules, and pioneering new pavements for society), I always like to think of New Years as a new start (that's right, kids, just like everybody else). I got a haircut in a Japanese hair salon. Unlike my usual 10 minute $6 cut behind Sister Ling's house in Oakland, I got a 60 minute $30 cut with massage and shampoo by four Japanese dudes whom I had a slightly difficult time communicating with. I cleaned my room. My heart is refreshed, and my life continues to a bolder and better year!

Now, despite all this banter of new new new, I've realized that I have to remember about the old. That is, I've been in an intellectual graveyard these past few months, and my mind has just been a dead piece of mad-cow meat doing nothing but figuring out what to cook the next day. Ho! No more! This is one Ivan that's remembered that he needs some goddamned intellectual stimulation! So, heeding that call for gratuitous destruction of intellectual idleness, I purchased Orson Scott Card's Shadow of the Hegemon and J.D. Salinger's Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters and Seymour an Introduction. Oh, how my mind did pull into the words of those pages like light to dead stars. Salinger's sarcastic witticism: oh, great and glorious English, how I love thee!!

I've just purchased more books through Amazon.co.jp, so I'm soon to be smothering myself in the fabulous fornications of more wonderous adventures in cerebral movements!



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