December 18, 2003

shockingly shockable
It continues.

I can't help but feel that people are lying to me. It sounds like paranoia, putting it that way, but it's hard for me to not think about it. Americans are constantly bombarded with the idea of truth and honesty; and here, there are different values that are important: such as keeping harmony between people, even if it means lying. Oh, well. As Chris Rock put it: "You a liar! You a liar! You all motha-fuckin' liars!" (or something to that sort)

Japan's society is said to be called a "giri-shakai." What giri-shakai basically translates to is a society of obligation. People feel obligated to do things despite what their true intentions are. People can lie with their actions too.

My friend, Eric, told me that it's pretty standard for the culture shock to kick in at around the 3rd month. Well, despite all of this, I'm not going back home for the holidays. Yep, I'm sticking through it here until next August.

Ben told me today that he's planning on joining the U.S. Navy. It may sound strange, but he's told me that there's some way that non-US citizens can join the Navy (let's remember that Ben is Japanese). I can't emphasize how much of a cool guy he is.

In another shock-related event, I got a Christmas card from Jenn who's doing a study abroad in Taiwan. Hello, there! Thanks! Hope you're enjoying it there as much as I've been here!








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