December 08, 2003

son, eat your animals
This was an essay I wrote for my Japanese class and will be presenting later today in front of the class. This is also my first attempt at posting something in Japanese.

The Relationship Between Humans and Animals

A long, long time ago, there were many monkeys living in the trees. Gradually, the monkeys had sex and gave birth to a human. That person was obviously hungry. He ate a whole shitload of maple leaves (it's popular to see the leaves change color here in Kyoto), but he was still not satisfied. So, he looked for an animal, ate it, and was satisfied. But, humans are also animals! With that in mind, I wonder what he thought.

Many kinds of animals eat other animals, so people eating animals is not so strange. Furthermore, it's important for the body to have protein. If we just ate fermented beans (yuck!), the world would stink, and mankind would be annihilated. Maybe, that person thought about that and said, "Ooga-ooga!"

On the other hand, if people make robots, I wonder if robots will also eat humans? Usually, robots' way of thinking and humans' way of thinking are the same, so if we eat animals, robots will also eat humans. For that reason, people will become food. Maybe, that human thought about that and said, "Ooga-ooga!"

Actually, I don't want to be eaten by robots, but I love eating meat. That monkey-like human also thought that, didn't give a shit, and ate more and more animals. I think that human was intelligent, so let's also eat meat!








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