November 16, 2003

multi-lingual multitasking
I'm freakin' wired right now. I had a mocha maybe some 6 hours, and I'm still getting lock-jaw which happens to me when I'm OD'ed on caffeine. The energy may also account for my urge to want to do everything.

As the title suggests, I'm doing many things at once. Watching soccer on TV. Err, while reading Banana Yoshimoto's Goodbye Tsugumi. Meanwhile, I'm alternating between Japan-A-Radio and Radiostorm's Pop/Top 40. At the same time, I'm contemplating about the similarities between Japanese and Scheme.

Luckily no one's awake on IRC, or else I may be chatting at the same time too. Aw, crap, and now I'm writing this too.

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