November 11, 2003

class nuisance

Today's Quote of the Day at Japan Today is the following:

Japanese students are unbelievable. Hardly anyone listens in class. They talk on their cell phones, sleep or chat, and the professors don't say a word.

That was from a Chinese University student in Kanagawa.

That's strange: I've been saying the exact same thing about the Chinese students in my classes. They sleep. They talk on their phones. They chat with each other.

But let's take another look at today's issue of JT:

Marubeni Corp has decided to sell 1,500 personal computers (PCs) at 90% off after it posted the wrong price on its online site, company officials said Tuesday. Marubeni listed a new PC on the site on Oct 31 for only 19,800 yen, instead of the intended price of 198,000 yen.

What's this? A pricing error and it makes the news? Last I checked, this was more like news on Anandtech or FatWallet. Even Japan has ferengi. ~~~~IWANNA~~~~

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