November 09, 2003

television programs in japan

More observational notes from your favorite dude making his way in Japan.

Japanese television is bright. I watch TV, and it just ain't the same: color contrast is much sharper, and everything just glares at me from the screen. I noticed this when flipping channels and stopping at some American movie (I'm not exactly sure what it was; there was some genius boy being rescued by Bruce Willis, and something having to do with cracking codes and the NSA). Granted, movies shown on TV typically have a darker feel to them, the contrast between the two was greater than I'm typically used to.

Also, I haven't found that much in terms of normal TV shows. You know, that good golly stuff like (OMG, what am I saying?) "Friends," or "Ally McBeal," or "C.S.I."... Y'know, the kind of stuff where you've got characters you can love, hate, ridicule, and make lewd remarks about. Everything is some sort of reality show (I'm not even sure if that's what they are?) or a game show. The most I've seen is a show about a single mother working as a news anchor and who has a small daughter. Sort of reminds me of a Japanese version of Murphy Brown, except this Murphy isn't the strong character like her American counterpart.

And here's something for my favorite pederast, Thierry: I forget the name of the show, but there's something here that spits in the face of Cheaters. Let's say there's a guy, and he wants to play a dirty trick on his girlfriend. He hires this TV show, and they find some other guy to try to hook-up with his girlfriend. This new guy's got an earpiece, and the boyfriend's feeding him lines to say. Basically, the gal's cheating on the boyfriend with the guy that's been hired. I haven't seen the show myself, and I've heard that these peeps do horrible things to these folks. I'll catch it next week!

Do you like food? Watch Japanese television. The media has a fascination with showing food on the tube. There was a game show I saw where people guess the calorie count of foods--kind of like "Price is Right" for food. Another show presents various restaurants around the city. And another discusses the concerns a chef has about his competition and how he wants to keep his food safe for his customers. There are shows that I can't yet understand where stuff is just shown, and guests on the show watch along and make comments, facial expressions, and screams and squeals (well, the girls do most of the squealing when they see the food). More than once, I've seen them being shown food being prepared and served. Then there's another program where I saw some dietician explaining about foods. Food. Food. Food. "Oishiiii!"

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