October 26, 2003

kill bill with a toaster oven

In my ongoing effort to expand my culinary prowess, I have exercised my monetary power today to acquire a... toaster oven! With this newly owned appliance, I can now expand my repertoire to include... toast! At merely 1,200yen (around $11), my new toy makes up for 33.33% of my ultimate triple combo of Fridge, Stove, and Toaster.

Speaking of cooking and crazy cooked up shit, I finally got a chance to slide myself into the moist interiors of a Japanese theater. No, let me rephrase that: I finally got a chance to watch Kill Bill (on opening day of the film here in Kyoto)! Oh. My. Goodness. That was some fucking crazy blood-filled madness. There were some incredibly funny parts (can you say, "lost appendages"?), but no one in the freakin' theater was laughing except me. I was later informed by my companion that Japanese aren't too fond of showing too much emotion; well, but c'mon, if something's funny you gotta laugh (right?).

Judah didn't end up coming down due to some strange tropical Japanese disease; however, I've begun preparations for a pilgrimage up to his lands next month.

I'm just happy I got myself a toaster oven.

Also, I may finally have found a student to tutor English. Awesome! (Money!)

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