October 21, 2003

missing all ye happy people

Believe it or not, I've actually gotten homesick. There's my bed, the perfect softness (or rather hardness), linted up pillow, and comfy blanket. When in the mood, I'd roll myself to Berkeley for a smoothie at Hummingbird Cafe, a latte at Espresso Experience, or a chat at the SPC. And the bastards of the Kanji Bushi are always around to talk smack and throw around testosterone. Mayhaps some stuff with the Voltron Crew would be afoot.

There are plans for Judah, who's also doing a study abroad at Waseda University in Tokyo, to come on down to Kyoto this week. He's recently contacted me, informing me that he's become diseased and may not be able to arrive as planned. Hopefully, he can make it, and we can have a kick-ass time, Kanji Bushi style!

I've been making friends up the wazoo here, but there's nothing like getting together with great assholes and shootin' the shit.

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