October 20, 2003


This past weekend as spent out every night again.

Friday night, a dude named Ben had an href="http://www.greggman.com/japan/okonomiyaki/okonomiyaki.htm">okonomiyaki party at his place. Man, the place was packed with gaijin, and I got pretty freakin' drunk (again?). There was a 50-ish lady there, and everyone first thought she was Ben's mother. After some inquiry, we find out that Ben actually invited her: she works at one of the small snack stores on campus! I give her mad props for coming to the party; she brought some great food and got real drunk on sake. I thought she was absolutely fascinating because she would ramble on about how she didn't like Japanese society, have another sip of sake, and go on about another subject. And she'd go around the room just chatting with everyone. She even invited us to her house for next time!

Ah, later that night, we watched Matrix: Reloaded which made for an ass-load of kicks and fun. New photos are up from the party for your viewing enjoyment.

Last night (Sunday night), I went to some sort of meat restaurant with Yukari. Without doubt, there was more drinking involved. And then we went to karaoke. By the time it was all done with, it was 1am, which spelled waking up late today. My first class is at 9:10. I woke up at 9 (like usual), decided I didn't want to get out of bed, and didn't get up until 9:30. I goofed off until 10:15 and then headed out the door... until I saw my classmate coming back from school. Curious, I ran over to him and found out... class was cancelled! So, I didn't have to worry about being monsterously late.

Score another good play by Ivan.

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