April 01, 2004

stop making men wusses

Women Lose When Feminists Bash says:

By the 1970s, feminists had lapsed into an orgy of male-bashing. Men were stereotyped as insensitive, controlling, sexual harassers, batterers, and rapists. Eventually the phrase "male-dominated" became a short-hand expression for anything that was wrong with society.

Crazy shit happens when PC stuff gets out of hand, and I'm not talkin' about WindowsXP crashing every 10 days.

via Metafilter.

The article goes on later:

Men generally don't like to complain. A man will endure ridicule and abuse, and then move on with his life. But abuse him once too often, and he will vote with his feet.

And one day, men woke up to the fact that marriage was a losing proposition. The math was hard to refute: Half of all marriages wind up in divorce. In 85% of cases, mothers gained custody of the children. And sometimes, bitter ex-wives would try to turn the children against their father, what psychologists call Parental Alienation Syndrome.

Reminds me of the rife amount of male bashing (or just general sheepingly over-liberal PC ideas) I experienced at Pitzer.

I really believe that America is turning its men into wusses. You're either a wuss or you're a woman-hating asshole jerk. It's a kind of identity crisis for men.

I think it's even worse in Japan where sons don't get a chance to see the work-12-hours-a-day father other than the few hours during the weekend. These dudes aren't gettin' the manly juices from their dads, and watching TV is probably gonna either make them cowardly pips or angry misguided thug boys.

As far as I know, Japan's never had a huge shift in thoughts about gender (there are feminists, and people who wish for change, but no real change has come). So I don't think there's ever been the whole male-bashing thing here. The wuss-boy phenomenon here's been more of an outcome of the work-your-ass-off dad salary-men that arose after WWII.

In America, though, I think it's more of the man-bashing feminism. The PC-ness of it all causes a chilling effect, and I truly believe that men are scared, whether they think they are or not.

OK, I'll stop there before this turns into something like what Kelly would be writing in his rants. :P


That's some interesting stats. But it's true that the high divorce rate with the fact that women usually win custody and a good chunk of your earnings is scary. It's too bad that guys look at their potential soulmates in a suspicious manner to protect themselves. I myself haven't thought about that aspect, but I suppose that's because I don't have a lot of wealth on me yet.

A few months ago, I was just watching tv with my cousin (a girl) and something about a divorce came up. She immediately said it must have been the guy's fault. She wasn't joking and was pretty serious about it. My feeling is that the feminist "movement" has become too widespread in the public now. Little children grow up with the belief that men can do no right in marriages.

I'm not saying that all women think like my cousin. But I'm sure there's quite a lot of women out there who lean toward the feminist view that men (aka pigs) aren't quite as responsible as women are.

#145 - Posted by: Andy at April 1, 2004 04:40 AM

(Excuse spelling errors-hurring at work)You know you guys don't know but it wasn't too long ago a woman who wasn't fitting of the stereotype was a complete outcast. Like crap, I would ahve been the neighborhood "spinster" and people would have hushed as I walked by. Seriously, we had a family friend in the early 60's who was a 40 something DOCTOR none the less and people felt sorry for her and she wasn't pretty at all so it was like "poor DOCTOR whatshername" So feminismn had to come to be. Of course just like anyting else, Islam, Christianity etc, some morons misinterpret it.
Feminismn was suppose to be about women's self esteem and value separate from being subservient and just a shadow of a man. It seems to have over-evolved and thus de-evloved or something. I know what you mean about men worrying too much. Or crap I made a little joke the other day at the SPC, a guy came in and hesitated when Edwin said he would tutor him and i said "maybe he is looking out for a cute girl instead" and it occured to me I could get in trouble for that!

But then again, you don't know what it was like growing up in the 60's. My Mom had way too many self-esteem issues about my Dad leaving her. THere was no Oprah telling her "Hey being 50 rocks" or anything. And all jokes aside that stuff does help.

#146 - Posted by: Carol at April 1, 2004 07:22 AM

Well don't blame me I've always been in support of evolutionary sexism...

What was your reaction to that word?

There are differences to the sexes and they're wonderful differences.

Women are strong where men are weak and vice versa.

It was weak men that subjugated women in the first place.

Now it's weak women subjugating men.

Of course there is also the undercurrent for men that they don't have to solve anything, that they shoudl walk away at the first problem.

Matter of fact this entire generation is a bunch of wussies when it comes to confrontation.

You're got to break some eggs to make noodles....hehehe

It's not PC to fight, argue or ever get angry either of course that was promoted as a way to keep larger classrooms under control....

20+ years and we still argue at least once a week...God I love that woman ;)

#163 - Posted by: Nobody at April 11, 2004 09:02 AM
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