March 31, 2004

1400am (yut say ling ling)

Big Rick prompted of some of the recent dealings with AM Radio in the San Francisco Bay Area. Namely, Air America's working on getting airtime on 1400AM--a station I associate with lots of Asian programming.

A copy of my comment on ba.broadcast:

My mother listens to 1400 exclusively; she understands English but the Chinese programming on the station is a kind of link to the rest of the community for her. There's a fair amount of political commentary, and from what I gathered, lots of middle-aged (and perhaps even elderly) Chinese immigrants call in regularly to participate in discussion.

Both of my grandparents who only understand Chinese only listen to 1400 and watch Channel 26. If the Chinese programming on 1400 goes away, it will, indeed, be a great loss to the Chinese community in the Bay Area.

Also, they have funny English lessons that teach idioms; and my mom would recite them back to me sometimes, heh.

I'm not sure how worried I should be about this yet, since it seems like there are still talks going on. And Big Rick has some follow-up on the topic:

Let's say they could get their shows on a bigger signal. Yes people would still have to find them but they would be easier to find. The signal would be better and reach farther and they would have more listeners. Could they have a lot of listeners? Yes in this market I think they could.

Folks in the Bay Area might wanna get the word out about this to Asian folks.

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