March 30, 2004

opening day in japan

Haha, I'm not sure if they're showing it in the US or not, but I just finished watching Tampa Bay woop the Yankees, and now they've go the after-game festivities. The TB coach and the game MVP, Julio Lugo, are all being pushed around; and they're both totally confused. It's quite hilarious. And again, the film Lost in Translation comes to mind again. These assistants keep telling them to go here and there, and they're pushing them with their hands on their backs, guiding them around. Ah, so funny.

And now, it's time for the press bombardment of Matsui.

Ah, it was a pretty sad sight to see as the Yankees were down 3-8 in the 9th and Matsui was the next one to bat; everyone was cheering for his next at-bat. Unfortunately, Jeter never made it to 1st, and three outs ended the game. In fron of everyone too! Ah, kawaisou!

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