March 29, 2004

a cup'o cocoa

Alright, the coding bug has hit me again. (no pun intended, har har!)

A couple weeks ago, I started learning Cocoa, following Apple's well-written "how to make a currency converter" tutorial which comes with Project Builder (which is *free*--as in beer!). I was astounded at the speed of development; I've always been deterred from coding windowed applications (command-line geek, I be!), but this slick thing's blown me away.

So, now I'm getting my hands dirty with Objective-C, hacking at my first real Cocoa project. I've run into some snags along the way; I'm just starting to get into XML, and Cocoa's lack of any XML libraries isn't helping any bit. So, I started peeking down at the Core Foundation, and I was having oodles of troubles telling my left from my right. I finally did some searching and finally found XMLTree which does pretty much what I want: make an easy-to-use interface to the Core Foundation's XML functions. Unfortunately, there are still more problems, and I'm not familiar enough with all of this yet to fix everything. pewt!

Anyhow, that's what I've been using brain cycles on lately.

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