March 24, 2004

my room, with new sofa

This sofa was on my back:

You may be wondering why this one's blue and the one in the other picture is white. The white one's Hiroko's, and I helped get hers to her apartment. Mine is blue, and is sexier!

I've got some more photos of the rest of my room, so maybe you can get a better feel for the size of the place.

[updated: 03.24.2004, added 'action figure' photo]

That's right, kids: that's a Back To The Future 2 movie poster on my wall. Booyah!

Ah, my sexy iBook on my desk. I sit there a lot (in fact, I'm seated right now!), and I get a view out the window, and I can watch TV/play PS2 while reading my e-mail. Sexy.

Here's the so-called "action figure" that was first noted by Estella Tse in the "iBook" photo. It's actually... Nemo(!), Nemo's dad, and a Tuna Sushi with arms and legs. You can win these sushi figures at a local sushi boat place, and they've got one for each dish. This whole thing's hanging down off my light; it's common in Japan to have a light on your ceiling with a line on it to turn it on/off. So, I decored it with my usual sillyness. Was annoying at first, and now I'm used to it. =)


i think you have an action figure hanging from the ceiling but that might only be my 2:53AM eyes talking

#124 - Posted by: estella at March 24, 2004 07:53 PM

I noticed the action figure too! Nice setup! I see you have a lot of light coming in, too. That place looks to be the same size as my first dorm room at AU.. maybe a little bigger :O~

iBook>? >:~O~

#125 - Posted by: bam at March 24, 2004 10:53 PM

I've put up a zoom of the "action figure." :)

Hey Bam, thanks! There's actually more to my place: bathroom, laundry machine (small Japanese one), and kitchen. I guess I'll get pics of those up sometime later, too.

Folks were saying Japanese rooms were small: this place is big enough for me! I love my room!

#126 - Posted by: Ivan at March 25, 2004 12:39 AM
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