March 24, 2004

avian, not avarian

Someone searched for "avarian influenza" on Google and found... ME! I've never considered myself an expert on Avarians, but I'm ranked #1 on Google (unfortunately, not for what Google suggests me to search instead: ovarian influenza--drat).

So, doing some research, I realized that I had a typo--well, more like a braino. When chattering up about Yoshinoya, I said "Avarian Influenza." Really, I think this should be "Avian Influenza."

The World of Khoras tells us:

The Avarians are an avian/humanoid race that have evolved in the Thunder Peaks of western Ithria. An avarian appears to be a perfect blend of bird and human. An Avarian stands about five feet tall. Their thin body structures and hollow bones make them exceptionally light.

Wow, bird men. When they sneeze while they fly (with having Avarian Influenza and all), do they get pushed backwards?

And the Wikipedia lets us know about Avars: "The nomadic people that conquered the Hungarian Steppe in the early Middle Ages, the European Avars." OR "The modern Caucasian people mainly of Dagestan, Caucasian Avars."

Avarian Influenza is a deadly disease coming from the genes of the white man! It's another conspiracy, I tell ya!

Shit, I've been using the wrong word for a few weeks.

But, maybe the US Court of Appeals has been too.

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