March 19, 2004

you look like a john

Ever wonder about the relation between people's faces and their names? I did.

Now, there's a site that has a little fun with the idea. 0tv's Guess My Name game. Most people are getting the names matched with the faces correctly on the first try. Faskinating.

via B3TA.


I suck at that game, I take two tries at least. I like seeing the "you got it" photo, kind of funny.

#106 - Posted by: Carol at March 20, 2004 05:19 AM

the only one i sucked at was the first one!
otherwise, i got mostly first tries :D that one with the cap was trickery!

#109 - Posted by: estella at March 21, 2004 02:22 AM

Actually, I did pretty poor for most of them too. I got like one right the first time, hehe; and, yes, that Jack fellow sure looks like a Josh. =P

Oooh, another new one's up. I picked the (incorrect) majority vote. Interesting!

#110 - Posted by: Ivan at March 21, 2004 03:20 AM

That guy totally looked like a Josh. I mean Jack is an older generation name to ME at least.

I didn't get the latest one either.

#111 - Posted by: Carol at March 21, 2004 03:43 AM

I got Karyn on a first try, first time for me.
She looked like a Karyn cause of the red hair...

#133 - Posted by: Carol at March 30, 2004 03:30 AM

Hmm, do Karyns (rather than Karens) usually have red hair? :P

#138 - Posted by: Ivan at March 30, 2004 04:43 PM

Karyn with the y is usually thought of as Irish, which can mean red hair. I took 4 tries for the one today.

The thing is I associate names with other people, so if the person doesn't look like the person I remember as a Don or Ed then I don't see it in this new person!

#139 - Posted by: Carol at March 31, 2004 02:54 AM
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