March 18, 2004

why i like scheme

Why I Like PLT Scheme, an article at kuro5hin.

I learned Scheme at Berkeley, about a year after I'd learned rex (some strange mutant variant of Prolog) at Harvey Mudd. Learning rex was some hard shit for me at the time, but doing so helped me a whole cartload when I'd run up against Scheme later. Actually, learning Scheme was a breeze; my mind was already prepared to think recursively.

Anyhow, Scheme has become my choice of language. Development time is so much incredibly faster, programs are easier to read (really, the parentheses eventually disappear in your mind), and everything is just so consistent and beautiful!

What really brings Scheme to the dinner table, though, is a little thing called lambda. lambda brings us further in abstraction. Really, I think computer science is basically about abstraction, and with each step of abstraction we get further and further away from the actual computer and closer to a seamless natural and intuitive way of making the computer do what we want it to do. Scheme makes is easy, and it makes it pretty.

I like Scheme.


I scream, you scream...we all scream for scheme scheme!

Lambda Lamdba....LLLaaaaammmmddddaa!

#103 - Posted by: Carol at March 19, 2004 09:07 AM
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