March 05, 2004

with a little big help

Big Rick emailed me with scans of exactly what I was looking for: Live 105 playlists from the 90's.

Time has been scarce due to excessive partying. Major updates to the playlist are coming up, though!

Kudos and karma to Big Rick!


Hey I miss you! When are you returning to the land of
Moss and attitude?

#84 - Posted by: Carol at March 7, 2004 06:04 AM

I miss all you folks too! And I miss the Bay Area (and that great sunny weather I've heard you talking about). It's semi-snowing now!

I'll be back at in August. That is, if I don't go bankrupt and end up in the East Asian English Teacher's slave trade to get money to come back.

Shit, I could use some good Moss and Attitude right about now. :)

#85 - Posted by: Ivan at March 7, 2004 04:28 PM
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