March 04, 2004

searching for ivan tse

Conrad recently informed me of my same-named alter egos on this big blue sphere. I'd already taken a few peeks at them before, but let's do a little more of an extensive survey.

I'd like to first take a look at how search engines are handling my name.

Google: Right smack on, and two other links on brother and sister's sites are relevant.
Yahoo!: Kind of OK. 3rd is my sister's site, and 7th is a dead link to my old on-site photo gallery. 14th is to my old-school Sourceforge page and 15th is Jacob Scott's page. Went down three more pages and gave up looking for a link to my site.
MSN: Meh, not so great. 2nd is my sister's site, 4th is Jacob's, and 13th is Sourceforge again. Again, went down a few pages with no mention of my site.
Altavista: Horrible. Not until the bottom of the second page is there a link to Conrad's page, and no mention of anything else.

Seriously, how can any search engine hope to compete with Google.

Now, as for these alter egos of mine, let's take a quick look at them too.

Ivan Tse: Computer studies graduate, and owner of hkdisneyland.com and chinadisneyland.com.
Ivan Tse: May be the same one as above; this one's a grad student at HKU, giving demonstrations in the Econ Department.
Ivan Tse: Marketing Manager of Rosslare Enterprises Limited in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Has something to do with security.
Ivan Tse: Owns a cute kitty in Hong Kong.
Ivan Tse: Something having to do with ServiceCo in Hong Kong.
Ivan Tse: On the board for World Learning in London.
Ivan Tse: A sexy young man from Oakland, California, studying Japanese at San Francisco State University and currently in Kyoto, Japan.

This guy made a movie once where he got a whole bunch of guys with the same name together and they talked etc. It was really cool. None of them had much in common. Which made it more interesting.

My name is really common. I was JUST told at the library that someone knows someone with my name from SF.

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