March 03, 2004

the 3 day plan, details part i

Let me tell you about this past weekend.

It 's hard for me to recall everything that happened, but there were lots and lots and lots of pictures and videos taken.

As I said before, we hadn't planned before on making this a huge 3 day trip, but things kind of ended up that way being that we were planning on going to Osaka for three days in a row anyhow.

When I say "we," I mean me, Bryan, Liam, and Kawago. Kawago's kind of like the honorary Japanese dude that hangs out with us, and he's been having a blast clubbin' with us. He's even been gettin' some crazy-assed dance moves down, and has recently gone down to the ground to do some footwork. Maybe he's slowly mutating into a bboy!

The first day, we hit Club Neo, a trance/house place in Shinsaibashi, a prominent area of Osaka just packed with bars and clubs. We've been getting to know people in the scene since we've been going to so many of these places so often, and we knew one of the DJ's, DJ Yuta, playing that night. We had free cake, and free nail painting (see pictures). Other than some weirded out fellow crawling over the floor (we think he was probably on E), it was a great start to the beginning of The Plan.

After the place closed we had to wait 5 hours until Spa World would open. Spa World is a huge 6 story building in Osaka full of baths, spas, jacuzzis, and just general awesome body-relaxing pools of water. Not only that, but they have rest rooms where people can sleep. Spa World is the glue that binds The Plan together.

So, for the first day, we waited 5 hours in the train station. Oh my holy passion, that was horrible. We'd be sleeping on the chairs at the station and the station attendent would come by and tap us and say something. It was so bad: we were tired, post-sweaty, and just plain uncomfortable. I never want to have to do that again.

But entering Spa World is like entering heaven, and by the time we went into the first pool, it was all worth it. We went into the outdoor jacuzzi, and then a waterslide (damn Liam for suggesting that, I was sleepy!), and another jacuzzi, and finally we slept.

Waking up, refreshed, we went to a few more spas and pools. Man, that place is incredible. We stayed there from 10am until 9pm. Then, it was off to go to our next club...

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