February 27, 2004

the 3 day plan

The original plan was to go to Osaka for three nights in a row. Saturday: a trance/house club called Neo. Sunday: Asayo's birthday party at ItoI. Monday: some dance event thing. But, wait, transportation to and from Osaka will cost around $12 each time...

Thus, The 3 Day Plan was born.

My friends have informed me of a giant spa in Osaka that only costs around $10 to enter, and some people even sleep there. Bingo! Hit the clubs, and then hit the spa afterwards, sleep there, wake up, shower, hit the next club.

So, I'll be spending the weekend (and then some) in Osaka. If I can get Net access within that time, I'll update on how this masterful conniving plan is coming together. In the interim, I've gotta prepare and pack!

Everyone have a great weekend!


Have a good time! "talk" to you later

#75 - Posted by: Carol at February 28, 2004 03:25 AM
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