February 26, 2004

learn about electronic music

I've been going to quite a number of clubs lately, mainly in nearby Osaka in some ghetto-looking neighborhood called Shinsaibashi. Bryan Butterfield, is constantly tricking me into going with him. We've been to venues with Techno/House, Hip-Hop, and other places with just crappy music. The Techno/House stuff we run into I've been rather ambivalent about. I've never known too much about electronica, and when I bumped into Ishikur's Guide to Electronic Music, I thought I'd get me-self an edumusication on this stuff.

I've realized that I like Trance Dance, Eurodance/Eurobeat, Dream, and just plain Classic Techno. I never could figure out what was what. I find it funny that J-Pop (father of Eurobeat, which I didn't know) is in there. Here's what Ishikur's got to say about that:

Is anyone even surprised that this kind of stuff would come from Japan? That whole country is like Bizarro world. They do everything we do, just in a really strange way. It reminds me of that scene in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" where they go near Toontown, and you can see clouds of smoke and yelling and fighting and all sorts of haywire shit happening above the horizon to signify the complete and total lunacy of the place. Japan is just like that. The whole world continuously scratches its head at the far east, then sits back and watches to see what wacky thing the Japanese will do next. I mean, I'm sure the culture is swell once you get past all the incest and pedophilia and giant robots and all, but after that--huh? Japan is super crazy place, 100 PERCENT!

Wait, he doesn't even describe the music! Hehe.

The weekend is creeping in again soon, and I'm working on my armwave. *grin*

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