February 25, 2004

i don't feel bad about it

A confession:

at a red light, a whole bunch of anti war protestors surrounded my car and one of them put a down with bush sticker right on my tailgate... on the paint. I got out and pulled it immediately off and it took some paint of my car. I asked the guy why he put it on there, and he said Bush is a nazi and so are all US military. i said 'I am in the military' and he spit in my face. I kicked the shit out of that guy, and the rest of the protestors ran away just to get a cop. What a bunch of hippies. I got back in my car and took off. I dont feel bad about it at all, should i?

Interesting for various reasons. One is that the protesters are running to go get the authorities for help when the authorities are those that they are upset about. Another is that the poster is obviously feeling something about what he's done--be it bad or guilty or whatnot. Otherwise, he wouldn't have posted it!

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