October 15, 2003

to infinity and beyond!

China has hit space! And, damn, am I excited about it. I've been reading articles left and right about the launch. Check out how the boys at the UK Reuters decided to end their article about it. I couldn't stop laughing after that.

It's always been a secret fantasy of mine (no, not sexual you pervert) to become an astronaut. I still hope to someday set foot on extra-terrestrial soil, do a few back flips, and wave the peace sign around. Nonetheless, news like this pulls on the strings of my heart.

NASA, I hope you're getting excited too. All shaken up by the Columbia disaster? Still mulling over the Challenger? Get over it! Mistakes happen; now let's pick up the pieces and keep moving. Let's get this race rolling again!

China, you may all be a bunch of Commie bastards, but dog-gone-it, you go boyee! (or rather "mother" as those Reds like to call it)

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